10 Breakfast Meal Ideas For Weaning

10 Breakfast Meal Ideas For Weaning

It's key to get off to the best start with your baby. Weaning is an exciting time for both you and your little one, so you want to make sure they have a healthy diet full of different textures and flavors.

The best way to do this is by making sure they taste lots of different foods from very early on in their weaning journey.

What is baby led weaning?

Many of us have been using a more hands-on approach to weaning our babies on to solid foods, thanks to the invention of baby led weaning or BLW. It entails giving your baby small meals of food straight from the start of weaning, allowing your kid to feed themselves and many parents have embraced it as it means no more cooking up batches of baby food as you do with traditional weaning!

It can be a bit daunting for parents, and you may wonder if your baby will like the new flavors and textures. But one of the best ways to encourage them to try new foods is by having breakfast!

Here are 10 of our favorite breakfast meal ideas for weaning your baby:

1. Cereal

Start your baby's day with a bowl of cereal! Add some fruit to their cereal to give them a healthy boost. For babies starting at 4 months old, it may be better to start with just milk and gradually introduce the cereal into the mixture. This allows the baby's digestive system time to adjust from being used to just milk, to milk and other thick liquids.

2. Pancakes

Why not go all out and make pancakes for breakfast? Simply add some fruit to pancake mix, cook it on a pan, and serve with maple syrup - yum! And if the thought of making pancakes every morning is too exhausting, keep a few packs in the freezer and warm them up when you need to.

3. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein for babies, and once they're past the 8 month mark you can start to give them eggs. Simply boil or fry an egg - if your baby is sensitive to certain colors like yellow, then use only white eggs - and cut into small pieces that are easy for little fingers. Scrambling up an egg is a good way for babies who are over 10 months old to get used to solid foods in different forms.

4. Whole grain toast

Once your baby can sit up without help, he or she is probably ready for whole grain bread. Serve it toasted with a little peanut butter and sliced banana for breakfast. Kids love anything sweet at breakfast, so don't treat them any different!

5. Yogurt

Babies who are over 10 months old will enjoy eating yogurt since they usually love sweets! Start off with natural yogurt since there are no added sugars in it. Mix the yogurt with the baby rice well until it's smooth, and let your baby try some of the mixture first before you feed him or her. You can also add some fruits into the yogurt to make it more appetizing for your baby.

6. Waffles

Even toddlers love waffles! They are fun to eat since you can use your hands, and they're crispy too. Serve the waffles with some fresh berries on top for added flavor. You can also dip the waffles in some maple syrup or honey if you want them sweeter.

7. Fruit smoothies

Blend some fresh fruits with water or milk and freeze the mixture in popsicle molds for a healthy, fun breakfast. You can easily make your own fruit smoothies at home. Just remember to avoid adding sugar because kids don't need it!

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very healthy, and it's also one of the most popular breakfast foods in North America. It's easy to cook since all you need is water, but if your little one isn't used to chewing yet, make sure you blend the oatmeal first until it becomes a fine powder. You can pour some milk or water over the mixture and then heat it up. Add cinnamon or honey to suit your child's tastes.

9. French toast

This is an easy recipe that you can try together with your kids. Mix some eggs, milk, salt, sugar, vanilla extract and bread in a bowl. Dip some bread slices in the batter until they're soaked. Then, fry them in a pan on both sides until they're slightly brown and crispy. Serve with fruits and maple syrup or honey for sweetening.

10. Kale and feta frittata

This is a healthy and tasty food to include in your weaning menu. To make it, first chop up some kale and fry it with onion and garlic; add tomato sauce before adding the eggs. Beat the eggs well before pouring them over the mixture and cook on low heat until the frittata turns brownish. You can serve it as it is or with bread.




By: April Carson 

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