A Checklist for Pregnancy Essentials

A Checklist for Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy is an overwhelming time in a woman's life. She goes from being perfectly healthy to having to make certain changes to her lifestyle, diet, and routine. There are numerous changes that go along with pregnancy, making it difficult for some women to know what they need or where to start looking for these things. If you're about to embark on a pregnancy, or know someone who is, this article will provide a complete list of the essentials she'll need to have on hand for this exciting time.

You might not think you need a checklist for pregnancy essentials, but there are some things that you simply cannot forget about when it comes to having a baby – and everyone needs help remembering their keys sometimes. Many women aren't aware of what they need to have on hand when it comes to some of the basics of pregnancy, so here is a list of the most essential items you'll need.

The main things that come with pregnancy are pretty standard no matter who you are or where you live: prenatal vitamins, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and a pregnant belly. In addition to that, it's also important for you and your baby to have a healthy diet that will provide the essentials they need for their development throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a magical and special time in your life. It can also bring with it some discomfort, aches, pains—a million unanswered questions! There are a few key things you'll need when expecting that will make the process more healthy and pleasant. The lengthy list of pregnancy must-haves, on the other hand, may appear intimidating at times but not to fret. All you need is a simple checklist that will serve as your guide while preparing for motherhood.

Here are 10 pregnancy essentials that helped me along the way:

1. Comfortable clothes that fit your little bump comfortably. And more importantly, wear comfortable maternity bras to support your growing busts!

2 . A supportive and comfy seat to sit in when you get tired of standing or walking everywhere.

3 . Prenatal vitamins containing all essential nutrients and folic acid for your baby's growth and development.

4 . Plenty of support by asking friends and family for help with errands and other stuff you can't do on your own.

5 . A prenatal doctor who will monitor your baby's growth and development as well as give you a checkup to make sure both of you are healthy and okay with all the changes that come along the way.  

6 . A pregnancy pillow. These pillows are stuffed with special materials that allow them to mold to the shape of your body and will support you in all your sleeping positions.

7 . A prenatal massage. These can be performed by a professional or you can ask your partner to give you massages where they make sure to get the pressure points on your back and legs.

8 . An exercise ball for sitting, standing, lifting weights and doing ab workouts while pregnant.  

9 . Morning Sickness Remedies: Ginger and lemon tea or ginger biscuits, crackers and water.  

10 . Pregnancy Books. The What to Expect Series are all good books to read.

Of course, there are more that could be added, but this is just a short checklist of pregnancy essentials that really helped me through my pregnancy. Stay tuned for more articles on various topics surrounding pregnancy!



By: April Carson

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