Toxic Clothing: What It Does To Your Body

Toxic Clothing: What It Does To Your Body

Toxic clothing has become a major cause of concern for all those who are aware about the unsafe environment and want to be healthy. Toxic clothing is one reason for so many problems that people face today. The harmful chemicals in the clothes used by women, children and men have harmed them greatly. Research has proven that most of these clothes which are available in the market today are highly carcinogenic. They have chemicals, fungicides, pesticides and many other harmful elements in them which can cause harm to the health of anyone who uses these clothes. These chemical get absorbed into the body through the sweat glands where they are distributed throughout the body causing tremendous damage to it.

You should remember that toxins released by any clothing can easily enter into the body through the sweat glands. This is why you should always be concerned about what kind of clothes are you wearing and how harmful they can be to your health. The same article also goes onto say that 3% of all cancers in men and women have been directly linked with toxic clothing.

Clothes with formaldehyde can cause dermatitis. Dermatitis is a skin disease that only people who are allergic to the chemical get. Symptoms include rashes, blisters, and itchy dry skin. Not to mention, inhaling the chemical has been linked to asthma, nausea, and even cancer, so you want to avoid any clothing with this chemical in it.

How to Avoid Formaldehyde:

You want to look for the word "formaldehyde" on your clothes labels so that you can stay away from this harmful chemical.

Avoid the bright and unnatural colors that they use to dye clothes with this chemical because it contains a toxin called "dioxins". Dioxin is known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other health problems. And you'll never find the word formaldehyde on their label because it's considered toxic waste.

Organic Clothing:

Instead, you want to invest in organic clothing if possible because it's made with natural fibers that are not treated or dyed with toxic chemicals. Be careful about which kinds of fabric that you use because some fabrics use cotton or wool.

This is why it's better to have a shirt made out of hemp instead, as they're both natural fibers that aren't doused in toxic chemicals.

If you do purchase clothes that are made out of cotton, then it's a good idea to buy organic, as many conventional cotton crops are doused in pesticides and herbicides before they are harvested.




By: April Carson

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