What I Wish I knew About Pregnancy

What I Wish I knew About Pregnancy

There are pregnancy tips out there that you can find, but they don't always work. Some people think pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. Others wish they knew different pregnancy tips to help them survive it all. If you're like me, pregnancy isn't easy and doesn't feel like its worth it sometimes. I would like to share my pregnancy tips with you to make your life easier.

The first pregnancy tip I want to share with you is that pregnancy will change your body. You may feel like it's fine or that you look great, but people who haven't had kids won't understand why you're upset over stretch marks, weight gain, and not fitting into any of your old clothes. This pregnancy tip will help you prepare for the mental battle that ensues when you realize that everyone tells you how great it is to get pregnant but no one ever asked if it's worth it.

The second thing I want to talk about is what every woman worries about, the weight gain. You might not believe me now but weight gain is inevitable and for some women it can be pretty extreme. Pregnancy is literally your body growing another human inside of you, so the added mass has to go somewhere.

Your third pregnancy tip is that you're going to feel like crap. I'm not talking about all day every day, but nausea, soreness everywhere, constipation, and mood swings are par for the course.

One thing you can try is a pregnancy pillow, I'm pretty sure that's what they're called. These pillows usually have a place to tuck your belly into it so that your back doesn't have to carry all of the weight. I slept with mine every night until my son was born. They're a godsend but they can get pricey.

Your fourth pregnancy tip is that you will lose all of your "cute" clothes. Sorry but everything from your jeans to your sweaters are going to be uncomfortable and not fit anymore. In fact, your entire body might change shape a bit, especially if you're anything like me and end up with a big belly.

Your last pregnancy tip is not to have too many expectations. I know, easy for you to say now that you're pregnant but trust me, it'll help a lot if your mindset is simply "I'm going to accept whatever comes my way" rather than constantly being disappointed by the fact that your baby hasn't dropped yet or hasn't engaged in labor at only thirty-seven weeks.

And once you have your baby, all of a sudden it will seem as if the impossible has come true! Your life is going to change so much and so quickly but I promise that despite the sleepless nights, you'll be happier than ever before. You just have to trust me on this one.




By: April Carson

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